Back again!

I realised that I had not posted in a while and that I hadn't posted the last windows I did during Advent so here they are. I wanted to let the passers-by have some understanding of the real meaning of Christmas especially as people were saying Christmas was cancelled.

The first one was the annunciation. I wanted the message to be that God was with us during this pandemic.

The second one was for the children who would probably know the song. Not easy painting a donkey believe me. One lady told me her children would shout if she drove past too quickly as they wanted to see the windows

I apologise for the photography of the windows but I guess you get the message. During this time we need not fear as we have tidings of great joy to bring.

The last one again was message of why we have no need to fear. A message to me more than anyone else.

I guess there has been a lot of strangeness for everyone during this second lockdown I have been struggling.

I actually haven't done much painting at all and have had a bout of anxiety which I am glad to stay is now fading. I guess many people are feeling the same.

I have been watching lots of art videos on you tube and I am amazed at how many different creative things you can learn. So I picked up a lovely journal I had for Christmas and decided to make it into an art journal. Just cutting up magazines and keeping the pictures and words in a nice organised way and then using them as collage and inspiration has been one of the best mindless activities I have done. I also bought a course from Domestika which has been great but now need to get on and actually do the exercises. I don have a commission for a painting for a friend of a desert scene with camels so need to get going on that as well. So much to do but need the motivation,

Next Monday I am having the garage door replaced with a window and door and so after that the heat will stay in and I will feel more like working in there and restore the sense of going to work.

I am also going to paint another window for spring a sort of building one a little bit at a time, watch this space.

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