Cheetham Hill Art club

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The idea is to bring art to the community of North Manchester, specifically Cheetham Hill and Crumpsall. This is a very multi-cultural community. There is a lot of bad press about the area and it does have its fair share of problems. Working with a local church I am endeavouring to provide an outlet for people who want to try something different. So far four ladies have been attending. One is actually a gifted artist who works with a fine brush and does the most exquisite botanical paintings. Her paint pallet is so neat and tidy, (not a bit like mine!) She has almost completed a lovely portrait of her late grandson which I know she is proud of. Two other ladies have never painted before and below is what they did this week. They were so encouraged and I was so pleased with what they achieved.

I hope to post more pictures of what they paint as the weeks progress.

I would love to see artists come into the area if only to 'hang out' and paint and be part of what has the beginnings of a truly artistic community. Bringing beauty and hope into the area.

A long side the art there is also another initiative, a young man calle Arron who has begun his own music producing business called Buzzin Sounds. Quite apt for Manchester whose city symbol is a bee.

More of this in a late blog.

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