Free Flow and the tree

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The art course I am on has continued and although some days I don't seem to get to paint I find I love being just in the studio, tiding and organising. In fact I seem to like tidying up and keeping things in order in all aspects of what I do. I have this feeling that if everything around me is tidy and in its place then my mind can relax and begin. It is the same as that feeling I used to get when I started a new exercise book at school, or I buy a new sketch book. It didn't take long until my handwriting in the exercise book got a bit untidy and the teacher made comments about it. I did try to keep it tidy all the time, but sometimes my thoughts and what I needed to get down all came at once and I had to hurry before I forgot what I wanted to 'say'. I am a bit like that with my art. I need several pieces on the go at once, and I love to start a new canvas. I have a pile of inspiration pictures that I want to paint, not just for me but for others who I know would like them. Then as a result I get overwhelmed and can't start or finish anything. It is as if I am in free flow loving what i am doing and then hit a tree. It takes a lot of energy to step back and look at the individual pieces of work and then methodically assess what needs to be done, take a deep breath and carry on.

It can be like that in my christian life too. I am not talking about starting a new journal, I just love them don't you, again the brand new feel of an exercise book. I sometimes get things wrong, I read a passage of the Bible, agree with it and then somehow during the day or week find myself doing the opposite. Being a follower of Jesus isn't easy just as being an artist isn't easy. The same principle applies though when we hit a tree spiritually we need to take stock, stand up, repent, (now there's an old fashioned word but an important one still) look at what went wrong or where things began to go askew and continue the walk.

The great thing is that it is possible to regain that which was lost, or retrace the path back to where we took a wrong turn, and be refreshed. This is all possible when we REPENT.

This painting is as yet unfinished. It was done in church a couple of weeks ago as we can't sing I did this as an act of worship. I called it Emerging Joy. The joy breaking through the darkness. That joy can break through our darkness we find our lives untidy and messy. I will repost when it is finished. Would love to hear your comments on repenting and also the emerging joy.

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