Its not the hungry caterpillar

I was a bit late this week renewing the window. I had no idea what to do. So I did nothing and waited to see what God would drop in my spirit to do.

It was the third night of having nightmares. Now I am not given to these, dreams yes sometimes really weird and stupid and sometimes quite worth pondering on. However these were really awful. I woke up actually scared, of what I had no idea. Could I remember them not really but I know I didn't like them.

After the third one I got up put all the lights on (not sure why really), made a cup of tea and went back to bed. After my tea and some prayer I lay down to sleep and from somewhere the words of John Newton's famous song came to me. I quickly sat up did a rough sketch and went back to sleep. Last night no nightmare thankfully.

Ok! so it does look like the hungry caterpillar but it could also be someone hungry for truth or someone who perhaps doesn't like the person they have become. They wish they could curl up and somehow emerge differently. (hence the pupae) When God's grace is received then what emerges is someone full of colour and able to fly and reach heights they could only imagine before.

We can all receive God's grace through the redemptive power of Jesus.

My cousin pointed out to me that John Newton was a former slave trader who experienced a change of heart and the Grace of God. In recent days where there has been a lot of violent demonstration through the anger people have rightly felt after the death of George Floyd, it is good to remember that change is possible but we also need to exercise grace ourselves; and remember the words of Paul in Ephesiand 4 v.26 "In your anger do not sin...

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