I live in a village, it isn't a tiny village, technically I think the population numbers make it a town - but no one I know ever talks about going to the town but rather up to the village.

I am in lock-down of course but wanted to find a way of speaking to and encouraging the people as they went on their daily walk. So I started to paint my windows. At night in the dark I painted on the inside, each night washing the days painting off and replacing it.

I have become very apt at back to front writing.

I posted these on face book and on our village face book page. I was really surprised at all the positive reactions. Then came the comments, all positive. Neighbours telling me that the window was the first thing they looked at in the morning.

I did the first one on Palm Sunday. They are not the best of photos but I did my best.

Each night I had no idea what to paint, but as I went shopping I found there was no bread or bread flour so this one seemed very apt. Followed by the first verse of the 23rd Psalm

Then came Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I had to close the curtains on the Good Friday one and one neighbour said she was glad as she 'couldn't see Jesus this morning'.

The Silent Saturday one was a strange one.

One comment on the fb page said it wasn't

a very cheerful picture. But wait I said till


The closed curtains also seemed appropriate. Inside the room it was also dismal; quite a contrast to the bright sunny warm day outside.

It is a sobering day I think.


The lyrics of a song came to mind,




And so to today's. What could I paint that would be simple and yet convey in this difficult time there is hope. His hope that will never disappoint us. A Hope that cannot fail.

I called this one, 'Simple'

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