As I write today, we still in lock

down here in Wales. I confess that this past week has been the hardest. I think in part to the weather. I notice that when the sun isn’t shining, I do feel a little more at a low ebb. I enjoy being outside pottering in my garden and have managed to plant a few potatoes, carrots, onions, radish, spring onions and beetroot. My tomato and cucumber plants are in pots in my conservatory. I found these seeds in the garage from last year so I am hoping that they will sprout. We have not had much rain, so I have had to keep manually watering them. When I lived in Pretoria, I used to grow vegetables as well and I used to say water keeps them alive but only God’s rain made them grow.

Why am I telling you all this? Well I think this can be a good picture of ourselves. So often we rely on the old seeds of scripture reading or knowledge we have gained, and we hope that this will grow in our lives. Often it does, watered by church sermons or group study. During this lock down time I have found however that I have gone back to scripture in a new way, looking for new seeds! Coming to scripture fresh letting the Holy Spirit ‘water’ it has meant I have seen afresh the deep truths.

Spending more time in the Bible and praying. It has also meant that I am not able to ‘get out there’ to do my ministry. However, I have found that ministry can be done from here and I continue to do my windows and bless people who pass and have had quite a few opportunities to talk about them. This has been also a time when I have got to know or begin to know people in my street that I hadn’t met before. I am sure this is true of many others.

Before I paint, I pray for inspiration and think carefully about the message I want to share. It is a good talking point and they have had a lot of positive comments on social media and in the street. I love watching the children who see the paintings and then point them out to their parents as they are walking past.

The quality of the photos may not be too good taken with the sun shining but I think you get the idea. I am getting quite apt at painting back to front lettering as I paint them on the inside.

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