Sitting in church yesterday with sketchbook and water soluble pencils and ink pen I tried to put down my Pentecost thoughts.

I had been listening to the hymn earlier on the radio," Immortal invisible God only wise, in light in accessible hid from our eyes".

I thought how many people who would say they are Christians but don't really know or connect with the Holy Spirit. I thought there might also be those who have had that relationship but have let it slide so to speak. The thought came to me that although we can't see God we can have accessibility to him through the Holy Spirit. It is the light of God that is illuminated in our hearts and through our lives as we allow God the Holy Spirit to work in and through us.

This is the illustration I came up with as we worshipped,

I find it both a blessing to belong to a church fellowship that encourages me to do this during the service. It also sparks ideas to continue with at some point when when I am back in my studio.

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