Pentecost Window

After experiencing God giving me strength for yet another week of lock down we arrived at Pentecost. It is at this time we celebrate the birth of the Church as Spirit filled believers. This morning I was reading in the book Improving with Age by Stuart and Jill Briscow, (Having recently notched up yet another birthday). They talk about how God breathed into man after He made him from the dust of the earth,

" The operative words in this verse (Gen 2:7) are 'dust' and 'breath' (The word breath in Hebrew also means spirit), and the result of these two coming together is a 'living being ('literally 'soul').

As we are renewed in our strength especially our spiritual strength we find our souls restored. This is from the 23rd Psalm. I think many people know this psalm and would know where the inspiration for this window comes from. Maybe it is the only Psalm most people know.

"He leads me beside the still water, and restores my Soul".

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