So I am on this art course. It is on line but there is a really big community. It has been just the impetus and kick up the pants I needed. Yes I am enjoying it. I have painted more in the past three weeks than I have in the past three months. Mind you painted might be stretching it a bit as up to now is is more experimental and getting in touch with feelings.

I know there is a lot out there about colours and how they make us feel. You only have to look at decorators books or even the names given to colours when you go to a store to buy paint. My mom is really influenced by the name given to a colour; sea breeze sounds so much nicer than pebble for example even if they are only a tone apart. Tell her you like the colour on her wall and she will tell you the name of the colour.

This past week we were asked to paint how we were feeling. We had to think of a situation, a place or a person and paint the feelings that were evoked. First it was in black and white and second in colour. I actually found this quite difficult. Even asking myself the questions "How are your feeling today?" "How have you been feeling about the Covid 19 pandemic"? "How did you feel when this or that happened to you?" was quite hard. So sitting and actually thinking how I really felt and then having to think about colours that represented that, or having to paint them in black and white took a bit of doing. I paint quite intuitively and sometimes what emerges is influenced by how I am feeling. If it ends up being a load of rubbish then feelings certainly emerge usually in negative self-talk.

Seeing the pictures posted and some of the comments on the Facebook group really made me so very sad. So many of the participants were sharing about what was going on in their lives; the suicide of a family member, countless people are grieving loved ones lost to the pandemic or cancer, or even going through cancer themselves. I grieved for these people.

Some of the artwork however was really powerful and many spoke about how hard it was as emotions and memories were flooding in. Some expressed how it was difficult and that they didn't want to do the assignment.

I was concerned that some had no where to turn with their pain and hurt. Some were making themselves vulnerable but again outside of the online anonymous world of the group will possibly find it hard to deal with things. I wanted to post about the one who can bring real light into their lives, I wanted to tell them that although they walk in darkness they can turn to the one who is THE LIGHT. I am praying that as the course progresses there will be those who will look at the paintings I produce and post and see the meaning and that the Holy Spirit will use them to make HIM known.

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