Take heart

Last week I wrote my prayer letter and sent it out. This is part of what I wrote

"This morning just before settling to write to you I was listening to UCB 2 my favourite Christian Radio station. Ruth O’Reilly Smith the host was talking about Jesus calming the storm. Jesus had just been teaching great lessons to His disciples and then seasoned fishermen were afraid during a storm on the sea of Galilee. She commented that this can teach us that Jesus is not just a good teacher but also the one who is in charge when a storm comes. The disciples learned something about who Jesus really was. I guess we can all ‘tune into’ or read great sermons and teachings but I thought it is important to take the lessons we learn with us into whatever storms we find ourselves in. This is a great reminder to for me."

I also inserted this picture

This is a picture I did a few months ago depicting a small boat in a storm. It is in oils 100 x 76 cm and hangs in my lounge. I often think of Jesus asleep in the stern of the boat, we might not see him but as an old song we used to sing goes ‘with Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm’. We might not like the storm we are in but can take comfort in the words he spoke “PEACE, BE STILL”. I pray that we will be able to obey His words and receive His peace and be still.

This morning I joined with some colleagues on Teams and we were led into a passage from Mark 6 : 45-51. It is another passage about Jesus and a storm. One of my colleagues pointed out the fact that Jesus who was alone on the land saw the disciples "making headway PAINFULLY!" In verse 50 he said these words " Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid", verse 51 says He got into the boat with them, and the wind ceased.

You might be alone at home like myself during this pandemic or have feelings of anxiety and dread (like me), I believe that Jesus sees us struggling and perhaps straining at present or making headway painfully. I believe He wants to say to us too, Take heart, don't be afraid and then he wants us to know that he is with us in this 'boat'.

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