Taking the pressure off to breathe

Today I responded to another artists fb post about feeling the pressure to create and how painful it can be rather than relaxing,

She said "How relaxing is creativity? I don’t know about you but I find creating can be really hard work sometimes! When I tell people I’ve spent the day painting, their response is often, oh how lovely and relaxing, when the reality for me is that my legs hurt, and I feel emotionally and mentally exhausted! Don’t get me wrong, I do love it and I do enjoy it and I wouldn’t want to do anything else, but it takes a lot out of me!"

I could really resonate with her. I often get told "Oh you are so creative," and I guess I am and always have been in one way or another, its how God made me; but it isn't always the case, or easy in its execution.

I get an idea, an inspiration then try to get it out and I end up with a crappy mess. Then the frustration takes over and I feel down. Especially when I look at other peoples wonderful art.

The picture with this post is of what I was hoping was going to be a nice little series of four complimentary pieces done with collage and water colour - who was I trying to kid. Still I push through and tomorrow I will try again.

I was listening to an interview with the author of the book 'Big Magic: How to Live a Creative Life, and Let Go of Your Fear', by Elizabeth Gilbert. In the interview she talks about a farmer leaving the ground fallow so the soil can be restored. I pondered on that and thought maybe for me this Covid time is a time of fallowness where I can be restored. So I guess I should take the pressure off myself to create and relax and breath.

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