The most important message

This is window no. 19.

It represents the most important message that God loves everyone in the world and desires that they spend eternity with Him. How to do that when the thing that separates us from a Holy God is the things that make us unholy, from the smallest lie to the biggest felony?

Here's how, He came to earth in the form or a man, taking on full humanity. He then took upon Himself all our sins and took the punishment. That punishment wasn't necessarily the way He died as horrific as it was, but the separation from Father God. He bore all the sins of the world, past present and future. He knew what death and hell are like. Hell is where God isn't with His grace and restraining hand. HOWEVER, there is hope for a world that is messed up, upside down and back to front. Take a look at the painting the world is back to front, it wasn't intentional but as I paint on the inside I forgot to compensate. It is a good example though.

So now we go back to the start of the window paintings I did in Holy week and what happened on the third day. He defeated death and hell making a way for us to be reunited with our Father in Heaven.

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