The TImes they are a changing

It has been quite a while since I have visited my site and written anything. I just simply didn't have the time, or made the time to do so. It has taken someone visiting it and writing to me to let me know there was a spelling error on it to remind myself that I actually have this site. I also found a typo myself in one of my posts so have corrected that.

My last post was about the Art club in Cheetham Hill. I had decided that because of the travel involved and as it was the winter that I would suspend the club till after Easter. Then in February at my annual appraisal it was thought right to stop the Club. This was also confirmed by the church leader there too that this was the right thing to do.

As the decision was made a week later a door opened to start a club for refugees and asylum seekers in a town nearer. There were seven ladies who came and they were all willing to learn. It was a lovely atmosphere and they allowed me to pray a blessing over them at the end of the class.

After a few weeks and great progress made by all the ladies we had to close because of the Covid 19 situation. I am in touch with some of these ladies who are really missing their class and we are all missing each other.

The times have changed and continue to do so but God never changes and I am confident that He who has begun this good work will bring it to completion

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