The Wayside Windows continue

Since my last posting I have done a few more windows. Each one was personal to me and how I was feeling or experiencing our continued lock down. Here in Wales we can only travel to a radius of 5 miles where as across the border in England folks can travel wherever. I still am unable to go the 30 miles to visit my mom. If I could I would have to sit in the garden with her and take my own flask and food. Goodness knows if after a flask of tea I would need the loo. Thankfully she has a shed and a bucket!

So the windows are a source of solace for me as well as for others. One passerby told me that my windows were a source of comfort for her as she had recently lost her husband.

I do apologise for the reflective nature of these pictures but that is the nature of taking pictures from outside towards a window. I do try and get it so I myself are not in them.

I was feeling particularly weary, weary of not seeing people, having folks round and cooking good food, weary of the continued rise in deaths across the world in this pandemic. So who do I look to to help? The one who if we draw near to and from him, gives us the strength to carry on. Again it was a blessing as the sunshine to see the words reflected on the rug inside. Isaiah reminds us too that even youths grow weary so I am in good company Together as we look to Him we will certainly rise up like the eagles.

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