VE DAY 75 years

The lock down has meant that a lot of the celebrations were not able to happen but people were inventive in having street parties each person(s) at the end of their drive socially distanced. My mom is 90 years old and she often tells me stories of her teenage years during the war. During this lock down situation she is quite stoic. She told me that as a teen she had no internet, no mobile phone, and no television. She often gives me recipes that were done with war time rationing and said that rationing lasted longer than the five years of war. Also she tells me, there was also the fear that a bomb would drop on you or your house.

I guess the powers that be are fighting a war with a strange enemy - a virus! So I thought that it was quite suitable to paint my window with the words of a well known song.

I trust that this will be the case in the not so distant future. Please Lord let them find a vaccine.

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